Honors Program

The Departmental Honors Program in English allows upper-division undergraduates to strengthen their study of English and adapt it to their interests. Honors candidates enroll in special courses and do directed independent study and research. In addition to the college and departmental requirements for the major in English and the general college requirements for the B.A. degree, honors candidates in English must (1) be accepted as honors candidates by the department; (2) complete at least nine hours of honors course work, at least three hours of which must be in English; (3) enroll in at least three hours of Senior Thesis (498V) and write an honors thesis, either a critical study or a creative writing project; and (4) defend the candidate's entire honors program in an oral examination. Candidates may petition to enroll in a departmental graduate seminar. Candidates who complete the honors program with merit will graduate with the distinction "English Scholar Cum Laude." The distinctions of Magna Cum Laude and Summa Cum Laude will be awarded only for exceptional work and will be based on the candidate's entire honors program.

About 10% of English majors are enrolled in the departmental honors program. Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences administers a separate but related Honors Program.

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