Remediation Information

Course Offerings in Developmental English

If you were informed that you must satisfy an English remediation requirement, it was because your ACT or SAT scores fell below the University of Arkansas’ admission standards in reading and/or writing. Any questions you may have relating to admissions decisions and remediation requirements should be directed to the Office of Admissions at (479) 575-5346.

To fulfill your English remediation requirement/s and to provide support with your efforts in college-level writing and reading, the following courses are offered in the Fall and Spring terms:

  • ENGL 0002, Basic Writing Lab: This is a two-hour academic credit course that focuses on composition for college writing. You will develop skills working through the progression of essay assignments such as summary, critique, analysis, synthesis and research. This course is designed to be taken in conjunction with ENGL 1013: Composition I, but you may take the course independently as needed.
  • ENGL 0013, Reading Strategies: This is a three-hour academic credit course that focuses on building vocabulary, critical thinking skills, comprehension, paragraphing, ordering of information, using varied media, testing and retention strategies, all using the kinds of texts and levels you will be using in college reading.

You may register for the course/s you need online through UAConnect. Please see your academic advisor for assistance or the Fulbright Advising Office, if you need help enrolling. To satisfy your remediation requirement, you must enroll in these courses while completing the first 30 credit hours at the U of A. If you do not enroll in fall, make sure to take the required course/s in spring. You may also satisfy the remediation requirement by passing the Compass Exam (see below) instead of enrolling in these courses.

Intersession Offerings

ENGL 0013 is often offered in January or May Intersession. This is a shortened, intensive version of the regular course. It meets for 10 days and, like the semester-long course, earning a passing grade in it satisfies the reading remediation requirement.

Compass Exam

The Compass Exam, written by ACT, replaces a low ACT or SAT score in the area of reading or writing. This is an opportunity to test out of either of the developmental courses by taking the Compass exam in the necessary area of remediation. The Compass is an untimed test, given either for English reading or writing, in accordance with your need. Testing services across the US offer this exam. At the U of A, you may arrange to take the test at the Testing Services facilities located off Razorback Road. The cost per test is $30. You may schedule this exam at your convenience by contacting UA Testing Services.

The Compass Exam is offered free of charge during the summer and scheduled for you if you are a new freshman and attend Summer Orientation. Be sure to inform your academic advisor during orientation that you would like to take advantage of this option.

Passing the Compass Exam eliminates the need to enroll in our 15-week courses (saving you the cost of tuition and time). There is no limit to the number of times you can take the test, and you will be informed of your score as soon as you finish the exam.

Test preparation: You may see what the test is like by visiting for sample test questions. If you pass the test, please see your academic advisor or contact the Office of the Registrar to have your official academic record updated.