Editing and Consulting Service

The Grant Editing and Consulting Group, housed within the Department of English, provides editing and writing related services to the university community. For more information or to request services, please email Dr. Adam R. Pope (arpope@uark.edu). 

The editing service has a cost center for internal payment transfers within the university. 

 Track Record

The service has provided edits for monographs and textbooks and articles, including work published by Oxford University Press. We have tackled content across a range of fields from Chicano Studies to Law to Sociology and beyond. Editing and writing tasks have ranged from academic publication to institutional documents and deliverables. 


The current primary service provided by the group is editing of technical and academic texts. Editors provide copy editing, proofreading, and comprehensive (developmental) editing. Copyediting refers to a final editing pass that looks over a document for cohesion, grammatical correctness, and completeness. Developmental or comprehensive editing refers to larger-scale edits that focus on revising the structure, substance, or style of a text as a whole. Proofreading is specifically limited to editing final proofs and checking them against the final edit in order to ensure the final print/production run of a text has included all existing edits and avoided introducing new errors during the final steps of the production process. 

Grad Student Editor Rates

The hourly rate for graduate student editors is $25/hour. Thorough edits usually move at about 2-5 pages per hour, with copy edits often covering 5-10 pages per hour. With that said, each text is unique. Rates can be provided on an hourly or per-page/word equivalence. 

Faculty Editor Rates

Faculty edits are also available via the services of Dr. Pope. Faculty editing rates currently start at $50/hour when services are available. During certain periods, Dr. Pope may have too many projects on his plate for faculty editor projects. Simple copyedits start at $50/hour and developmental or comprehensive editing starts at $55/hour. Rates can be billed per word/page or per hour depending on funding structures. 

Dr. Pope has been working as an editor for more than 5 years and has worked on book manuscripts, textbooks, keynotes, grant proposals, and numerous academic articles and publications. He regularly teaches editing at the graduate and (starting Spring 2021) the undergraduate level. He also worked as a content author for a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant and currently curates the Arkansas English Resource, a slowly growing Wiki offered by the Department of English. 

Grant Writing

Grant writing services can be arranged, depending on student/faculty availability. Pricing subject to scope and length of project. For graduate student work, the rates will start normally at $30/hour and for faculty editors the rates will start at $55/hour. 


Consulting and training services are also available, depending on student or faculty availability. Pricing subject to scope and length of project. General rates start at $500/per day of consultation.